Trail ValetV2: A Day at the SPA

getTrails(){fetch(this.baseTrailURL).then(r => r.json()).then(trails => {trails.forEach(trail => {const t = new Trail(trail)t.buildTrailHtml()t.valets.forEach(valet => {const v = new Valet(valet)v.buildValetHtml()})})}).catch(error => console.error(error))}
addValetToTrail(){const trail = document.getElementById(`create-valet-button-for-trail-${}`)const valetForm = document.createElement('form') = `Add-valet-form-to-trail-${}`valetForm.trailID = this.idvaletForm.innerHTML = `<input id='form-valet-location' placeholder='location' type='text'/><br><input id='form-valet-issue' placeholder='issue' type='text'/><br><input value='Create Valet for ${}' type='submit'>`trail.append(valetForm)valetForm.addEventListener(`submit`, this.createValet)}
event.preventDefault()const valetLocation =[0]const valetIssue =[2]const trailID = this.trailIDconsole.log(trailID)fetch("http://localhost:3000/valets", {method: "POST",headers: {"Content-Type": "application/json",Accept: "application/json"},body: JSON.stringify({location: valetLocation.value,issue: valetIssue.value,trail_id: trailID})}).then(resp => resp.json()).then(valetData => {if (valetData.status === "found"){const nt = new Valet(valetData.valet)nt.buildValetHtml()valetIssue.value = ""valetLocation.value = ""}else {alert(valetData.errors)}}).catch(err => console.error(err))}
.then(data  => {if (data.status === 200) {const valetItem = document.getElementById(`valet-id-${}`)valetItem.children[2].innerText = "fixed"valetItem.children[3].hidden = data.valet.fixed




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Zachary Williams

Zachary Williams

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